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Alex Bader, Gooloongong, NSW

Alex Bader, Gooloongong, NSW

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Diploma of Equitation Science, German trainers license


In my childhood I started off learning how to train my dog correctly in a dog school using a lot of positive reinforcement and clear signals. The fun and passion I found in our relationship were soon transferred to the horse world.

Always following the idea of breaking cues down to make them easier to understand and using reinforcement rather than punishment, it finally took me overseas looking for something ´more´ than riding school riding.

Travelling all over NZ, training and learning from people like Jody Hartstone- who follows the McLean method and Tina Fagan gave me solid experiences with different breeds and young stock, stallions etc while studying online for the ES course.

When I came to AEBC to complete my practical training to achieve the Diploma of Equitation Science, it gave me solutions for any problem issues and offered a plausible understanding of the equine behaviour.

Seeing all sorts of conflict behaviors in the stables of Germany drive my inspiration to seek stress free training as well as the wish to help people and their animals.

Teaching and training according to the horse and rider’s ability is my aim.  First, I work on establishing easy and clear communication between horse and rider, and then develop a plan to help the rider achieve their goals.