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Providing evidence based horse & rider education through equine courses online, clinics & lessons.

Equitation Science International (RTO 41254) is a nationally accredited training centre dedicated to improving horse training using an evidence-based and ethical approach. Directed by Dr Andrew McLean, Equitation Science International and its graduates are paving the way for a more modern and ethical approach to horse training and coaching that can be easily understood and applied by horse riders of all ages and levels.The Diploma of Equitation Science is a nationally accredited horse training and coaching qualification based on the scientific principles of how horses behave, learn and move. It is the only evidence-based horse training qualification in the country.

Equitation Science International is an approved VET Student Loans provider for 10872NAT Diploma of Equitation Science.

“Equitation science is an extremely exciting new field, changing the traditional methods of horse training to a clear, ethical and systematic approach.”

Dr Andrew McLean


The field of equitation science first emerged as a discipline in 2006 to combine learning theory, biomechanics and ethology to examine the salience and efficacy of more traditional horse training techniques. As the welfare of horses in sports and the future of these sports are continuously scrutinised, equitation science holds great promise in providing a clear, systematic and sustainable approach to horse training, based on the principles of learning theory. Put simply, equitation science prioritises how the horse learns and, in doing so, it aims to inform and improve horse-human interactions both in hand and under saddle.

“Equitation science provides a refreshingly clear and horse-centred approach to understanding how horses interact with humans on the ground and in the saddle.”

Prof Paul McGreevy ~ University of Sydney


We currently offer two types of courses in equitation science

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