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An Objective, horse centred judging system – Western Dressage

Andrew McLean is very proud to have worked with North American Western Dressage to develop an objective judging system for use with all NAWD tests in their virtual shows.

“NAWD learned that Andrew McLean Ph.D. is working to enhance the existing judging system that uses the FEI training scale with the Principles of Learning Theory in Equitation (as outlined by the International Society of Equitation Science).

Dr. McLean has said that implementing an evidence-based scale will allow judging to become more accurate and fair. Because of the connection to the training scale, this judging system can be used in all equestrian sports” – NAWD

“The use of a more horse-aware judging criteria will ultimately improve the longevity of our equestrian partners”, ~Dr. Andrew McLean, International Society for Equitation Science.

You can learn more about the judging system by visiting their website: https://www.northamericanwesterndressage.com/judging-system/