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Setting Good Ground Rules

Setting Good Ground Rules

  • The safe and simple guide to training your horse in-hand

    This e-book contains the complete set of articles as published in Horses and People Magazine by Sophie Wyllie.  In-hand training is an essential part of all horse’s training. We lead our horse to and from the paddock every day, and we want to make sure he leads obediently, stays by our side, stands still while we brush him, rug or un-rug him, handle his feet etc. We also need to our horse to go forwards, backwards and sideways so we can move him around while we work around him. In-hand training also makes it easier to habituate him (get him used to) all the different things he will have to deal with, from equipment and rugs to having a rider on his back. Most importantly, in-hand training is a safe and simple way to establish the aids we need under-saddle. If you have a young horse preparing to start his foundation training it makes the process less intense because he already understands the signals (aids) you’ll be using under-saddle. Even if your horse is older and experienced, it’s amazing to see just how much in-hand training can improve his under-saddle responses, or day-to-day human interactions. In this 7-Part Series, we explain how to teach the basic responses in-hand for safe handling in any situation.  


    PART 1 Introduction to the First Principles of Horse Training and the Equitation Science Training Scale

    PART 2 Training ‘Go forward’ and ‘stop’

    PART 3 Training ‘Park’ (immobility)

    PART 4 Training ‘Yield the shoulders’

    PART 5 Training ‘Yield the hindquarters’

    PART 6 Training ‘Head control’

    PART 7 Securing your horse’s future

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