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Allannah Turner-Hughes, Hobart, TAS

Allannah Turner-Hughes, Hobart, TAS

0497 546 473


Diploma of Equitation Science, BA Pol Science & Pub Policy, Cert Admin TAFE, EA Coach (studying)


I began stealing horses at aged 9.  My parents sent me for weekends to a riding school to curb the danger! After high school I worked pacers to barter a paddock and/or feed for my horse.  I held licences in both Pacing and Racing and I rode professionally as a track work rider in the latter. I moved on to ride Western which was an eventual segway into Natural Horsemanship.  After a horse riding hiatus I wound up working in a riding school where I met Jonna McLean who introduced me to ESI training.  Those lessons changed my life and I wanted to learn to train and ride correctly.  This wish was shortly granted after my previous dressage coach matched me with a classical Andalusian who was way smarter than me. I realised that I needed a tool box to survive this new experience.  ESI has taught me to train clearly and accurately and my horse is all the better for it.

Training and learning is a life-long pursuit and I continue with my own equestrian education including regular dressage lessons with a Level 2 coach/ A Level judge.  If that all sounds like your fit, feel free reach out during business hours.