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Amy Marshall, North East England

Amy Marshall, North East England



Diploma of Equitation Science, BHS Stage 2, Psychology BSc (Honours)


Amy was first introduced to Equitation Science methods of horse training whilst volunteering on a horseback safari in South Africa. She was immediately fascinated by the techniques used and the results produced.

Amy travelled to New Zealand to shadow a qualified ES Practitioner and visited the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre where she observed a 3 day clinic with Andrew and Manuela McLean. She went on to obtain the Diploma of Equitation Science.

Amy is available for horse behaviour consultations, private lessons focusing on both inhand and ridden issues, riding instruction, schooling/re-schooling, backing and bringing on young horses, she particularly enjoys solving problem behaviours.

Using the skills and knowledge that Amy has learnt over her many years with horses, but in particular over the more recent years, her aim is to assist and educate people and horses using clear, methodical training techniques and scientific knowledge to help owners understand their horse’s behaviour, improve responsiveness to aids, and solve problem behaviours.

If you’re struggling with your horse’s behaviour don’t suffer in silence. Amy is friendly, kind and compassionate and has a genuine interest and passion for training, with the ultimate aim of producing calm, obedient horses and happy owners!