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Bailey Dixon, Atherton Tablelands, QLD

Bailey Dixon, Atherton Tablelands, QLD

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Diploma of Equitation Science


I didn’t grow up around horses but I always loved seeing them at shows or in paddocks that we drove past. Whenever I got the chance I would choose to do trail riding tours as an activity. My siblings and I would also use each other for horses and we made our own stick horses.

At around the age of ten, my family lived with some people for a few months, who had horses and a shetland pony. The shetland bolted on me one afternoon while I was out riding and I came off. I made the mistake of not getting back on the horse so I carried around that fear of coming off for the next few years.

Just after my thirteenth birthday, we moved to Far North Queensland and my journey with horses really began. Our first horse was an off the track Thoroughbred who was 16.1hh. He was super quiet and very chill. A few months later we brought an unbroken Welsh X who we sent to a trainer to get broken in. The trainer left holes in his training, so I took on the task of filling them in. For not really knowing what I was doing he turned out alright. From then o,n I brought a few horses with my mum and sister and we trained them or finished breaking them in.

I joined Pony Club and got lessons, I gobbled up all the information I could and used what I remembered with my work with horses.

After I finished school I knew I wanted to pursue horses and learn more about them. So my mum and I looked through courses together and decided on the Diploma of Equitation Science.

I learned so much from the course and it has helped me in my quest with horses.

I have a desire to one day open up my own training business.

If you have any questions or want some lessons, send me a message.