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Claire Sandercock, Edmonton, Alberta

Claire Sandercock, Edmonton, Alberta



Diploma Equitation Science


Claire Sandercock started riding when she was seven, and by age nine decided to be a trainer. Over 13 years, she has engaged in many disciplines, including dressage, jumping, western, and ranching, and has ridden various breeds, including young horses and problem horses.

She has spent ten years experimenting with different trainers’ methods, from traditional to natural horsemanship. She picked up the best aspects of each of these methods and has incorporated them into her own work with horses. However, like many of her clients, Claire found that often these trainers could not help her understand why their method worked, or what to do if it didn’t. Horses are trained every time they are handled, so she believes horse lovers must understand how their horse’s mind works.

During her nine months of study and work at the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre (AEBC), Claire completed the Diploma of Equitation Science, one of the first Canadians to do so. This has enabled her to bring together training methods to train horses in an ethical way that can be adapted to any horse and rider. Equitation Science explains how horse training works through learning theory. This means she can create new solutions to difficult problems because of her thorough knowledge of learning theory.

Claire believes horse riding is more enjoyable with a well trained horse. Known for gentle and effective teaching, she has been helping riders of all ages and abilities improve their horse handling and riding for the past five years. She enjoys using exercises that create effective, fun, and challenging lessons, making her a favourite at riding camps. Seeing horse owners incorporate her clear teaching to achieve success in training their own horses is what inspires her teaching.

In addition to the Diploma in Equitation Science from Equitation Science International, Claire also holds a Diploma in Equine Studies with Distinction from the University of Guelph, Canada, and has attained 4-H Level 5 Horsemanship. Claire will respond promptly to all queries through her website.