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Delilah Cuddihy, Ireland

Delilah Cuddihy, Ireland

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Diploma of Equitation Science, BA Degree (Music & English) PGCE (Education) Degree, Master of Educational Leadership Degree.


I’ve spent 27+ years as a professional educator, working across a broad range of teaching roles including leadership in schools as deputy principal, working with young & sometimes challenged children. I also teach and mentor young teachers as they start out in their teaching careers. More recently I work an advisor to school leaders on how to improve outcomes in the often-complex educational area of student and teacher wellbeing.

My background in educational leadership, coupled with my ES Diploma, I believe, gives me a broad understanding and practical application knowledge on how best learning can take place; where communication between horse and rider is consistently agreed upon, planned, monitored, improved, in incremental and manageable steps.

My first love and passion in sport has always been show jumping, having competed to 1.30 metre level with horses in the past.  I am particularly focussed on how to ride jumping courses, from cross poles through to 5-star level tracks. I currently support and advise an Olympic show jumping rider for some years now on using the principles of Equitation Science to better hone and improve outcomes in preparation for competition.

I would like to bring joy, fun, success, and a deeper understanding to riders as they endeavour to achieve; to overcome challenges and excel, without compromising horse welfare, indeed, to enable their horses to truly flourish in life.