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Erika Oudshoorn, Canterbury

Erika Oudshoorn, Canterbury



Diploma of Equitation Science, BSc. Animal Science


Erika Oudshoorn sought out the ES methods after purchasing a warmblood that had been trained with this method in New Zealand. With a science background she thoroughly enjoyed the detail and explanation of why and how you could train a horse effectively. She also valued that the horses welfare was the utmost importance. After 8 months at Australian Equine Behaviour Centre as a working pupil in 2017-18 she graduated with Diploma in Equitation Science. After returning back to Canterbury, New Zealand she has started her own mobile training and coaching service focusing on riders with their own horses. The idea was to offer support to equestrians at their comfort of their home, whether it is dressage, jumping or ground work and handling. She also focused on float load training which was a great way to show case the ground work to clients, and highlight the  importance of in hand work.

“The biggest thing I learnt was how horses interpret and retain information. This has explained so many situations when handling and riding horses, which in turn has helped me provide solutions which has increased safety, welfare and enjoyment for both rider and horse!”