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Gabrielle Tougeron

Gabrielle Tougeron



Diploma of Equitation Science


Gabrielle started riding at age 4, completing the French Equitation Federation 7 Galop levels by age 15.  She competed in show jumping and eventing for 10 years placing second in French Nationals in 2006 as her highest accomplishment.  Riding at a competitive level is what first piqued her interest in horse training and treatment methods.

In her post-secondary education Gabrielle studied human and animal osteopathy with a focus on horses, but she wanted to learn more to take into consideration not only physiology, but also the history and behavior of the horse.  She studied at Haras de La Cense in Rochefort-en-Yvelines where she obtained the French Equitation Federation Ethology Savoir levels.  Her continuing quest for knowledge led her to ESI, and after reading Paul McGreevy & Andrew McLean’s “Equitation Science” she decided to enroll and work towards her diploma.

While working with horses Gabrielle is very patient and persistent.  She is able to recognize physical and behavioral problems and the way to resolve them.  Her goal now is to convince more riders both in France and abroad to adopt welfare equitation to reduce accidents and injuries by improving communication and connection between horse and rider.

The world we live in today is constantly evolving and horse riding should be no different.  Now more than ever we have the tools through science and behavioral studies to accomplish that.