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Kalinda Greaves, Kyneton, VIC

Kalinda Greaves, Kyneton, VIC



Diploma of Equitation Science


I have always been involved with horses from a young age, finding joy and passion in the sport and enjoying the challenge of training an animal. I liked to teach my dogs and horses tricks as a child and loved riding my pony at Pony Club.

Since doing the Equitation Science course I have found it much easier to train and ride horses. Having a structural plan in my head and a solution for when things go wrong means I don’t struggle with feeling ‘lost’. Combining this knowledge with my clicker training experience, I have been able to help many people with their horses.

I run a training and coaching business where I travel to people to help them learn to ride, and have found myself teaching a lot of basic groundwork and lunging as well. I have helped a lot of horses overcome trauma and fear of certain objects or scenarios, such as mounting blocks, bridles and picking their feet up. Using ESI methods, I find I am able to work and ride any horse and quickly establish what needs fixing.

I am in the process of finishing the Pony Club preliminary coaching course and the FEI dressage officials course and hope to one day open a riding school that teaches confidence and independence to riders of all ages and abilities. ESI has inspired me to help change the equestrian world for the better, especially with the addition of Equitation Science to the Pony Club syllabus.