3 Wonderland Avenue, Tuerong VIC 3915, Australia

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Karlijn Nijhuis, Chilcotin BC

Karlijn Nijhuis, Chilcotin BC

+31 6 40 656 339


Ass. Dip ES


All my life I loved to be around horses. It started with my nanny who had a little Shetland pony for me and my sisters to ride on and since then I wanted to ride as often as possible.

When I had to graduate, I decided to do that abroad. First I wanted to do this in England but then I found a story online about Andrew. It had my attention in one second and knew that this is what I wanted to do, during my internship but also after that. I’ve been working at the AEBC for 4 months and I wrote a marketing plan for ESI as part of my study. I was already really interested in the course, and after writing my report even more, so after finishing school I decided to go back to Australia and follow the course.

I’m graduated in economics – horse business management. This study includes, among other things, how to run a business and how to organize an event.

I’ve worked at a few horse farms in Australia and in the Netherlands. I’ve also been teaching at a riding school for people with a disability in the Netherlands and training horses in the Netherlands.

Now living in Canada, I’m currently available for training and lessons in the Chilcotin region, BC.