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Kathy Jackson, Duncan BC

Kathy Jackson, Duncan BC



Diploma Equitation Science


Kathy Jackson Bio: I obtained my full diploma in Equitation Science in 2016. I am so lucky to have taken part in 3 short courses taught by the McLeans in Canada. I teach in Duncan, B.C. Canada. I am certified  I.O.B with Equine Canada. I also have my level 3 in Natural Horsemanship.

I am a member of Working Equitation Canada. I am registered  under coaches in H.C.B.C. & N.C.C.P.

I have enjoyed helping people with their horses and teaching them how horses learn. In these past few years entering the world of E.S. I have met such amazing riders and horses. It makes training so exciting and fulfilling. The safety of the horse and rider is such a priority for me. We can only train and learn through relaxation. The first of the 10 training  principles is Safety!! The over all welfare of the horse is such a focus for me.

As riders and trainers there is no limit to what we can learn  about horses. I enjoy helping people that find riding stressful, causing them to be nervous. By starting with ground work we can relax and eventually transfer this to our riding.Slowly building confidence, one response at a time. If you would like more information on E.S.