3 Wonderland Avenue, Tuerong VIC 3915, Australia

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Kiia Kärki

Kiia Kärki

+358 40 5773165
AU: +61 434 374 486


Diploma of Equitation Science


Kiia started riding when she was eight years old, and has been working with horses ever since. She has extensive experience from multiple different disciplines, from dressage and show jumping to harness racing and racehorses. She has a degree in horse agriculture and psychology and decided to combine these two things in Equitation Science. Now her goal is to help riders and other people working with horses to reach their full potential in a way that is both efficient and ethical. This might mean getting a higher score on a dressage test, a relaxed trail ride or teaching a horse to be relaxed and happy during everyday routines. 

Kiia also works with athletes from different disciplines as a sports psychologist. Her background gives her a unique view in coaching and helping people develop themselves. 

She is the founder of Equitation Science Finland, through which she is available for lessons, lectures and clinics. Although based in Finland, she’s also available around Europe and at the moment in Australia as well.