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Kiley Pullman, Sandy Bay, Northland

Kiley Pullman, Sandy Bay, Northland



Diploma of Equitation Science


Equine history to present day:

 I grew up on a small idyllic island in the north of New Zealand, throughout my childhood I spent long summers bareback and swimming my horses in the ocean, galloping over steep farmlands, and jumping fences. I started pony club at the age of seven and trained and competed mostly in eventing during the foundation years. But I truly believe the time spent bareback, spending hours with my horses on the ground and riding with minimal tack, having strong bonds with my horses growing up has benefitted my horse journey the most.

I opened my horse business in 2010 taking trail rides for tourists from our stunning coastal location on the Tutukaka coast. We then expanded and opened luxury glamping and riding packages.

I more recently I learnt natural horsemanship techniques (particularly Buck Brannaman, Vaquero tradition), dressage training with some high level trainers, bred and competed warmbloods. My equine pathway is alway evolving and I am now a successful ESI graduate! Combining my past with present day education in ESI has been the icing on the cake, the philosophy is harmonious with my training style and I have thoroughly enjoyed the academic training process. By breaking the training into clear and specific techniques I am looking forward to starting a new branch in the business, opening a riding school to help students learn and understand equitation science and its immense benefits to riders and most importantly the horses.