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Kristina Behringer, Wyoming USA

Kristina Behringer, Wyoming USA



Diploma of Equitation Science


I have a diverse background in the field of science, including various disciplines that have contributed to my understanding and appreciation of Equitation Science. This broad knowledge base has inspired me to explore the world of training horses, focusing on methods supported by statistical data and empirical evidence. Before delving into Equitation Science, I was exposed to a wide range of riding disciplines and training methodologies. I found that most of these approaches were largely based on personal accounts and subjective interpretations. In my search for evidence-based horse-keeping and training methods, I pursued certification from Equitation Science International. This experience has been incredibly valuable, providing me with the necessary tools and knowledge to more effectively care for and train horses using scientifically proven principles and methods. I currently live and train Icelandic horses and teach lessons just outside of Cheyenne, Wyoming.