3 Wonderland Avenue, Tuerong VIC 3915, Australia

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Lisa Croft, Sunbury VIC

Lisa Croft, Sunbury VIC

0404 141 970


Diploma of Equitation Science


Lisa grew up on a farm in Finland. Her career in the equine industry started as a groom and exercise rider for international eventing horses. After moving to Australia in 1998 she continued working with horses in a variety of disciplines, including dressage, racing and western performance horses. Western Breeds are her special interest and she has competed in variety of western riding & reining events.

A lifelong interest for horses and researching ways for better and more ethical training led Lisa to ESI and Dr Andrew McLean’s work. Lisa is a 2021 Equitation Science Diploma graduate and her particular interests are foundation training, resolving problem behaviours and clicker training. Her vision is that when horse owners and riders begin to understand the cognition and ethology of the horse, it will lead to improved horse welfare & rider safety.

Lisa lives near Sunbury and she works using the Principles of Equitation Science to improve horse & rider performance with English & Western riders. She is also involved in coaching for Pony Clubs and Adult Riding Clubs.