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Lisa Vainio, Dubai UAE

Lisa Vainio, Dubai UAE



Diploma of Equitation Science


Lisa Vainio’s lifelong connection to horses began with secretly attending riding classes when she was seven years old.

After multiple falls resulting in family members being in the ER, Lisa has had her own experience with fear and she felt motivated to study what approaches are safest.

Lisa was personally coached for years by the Finnish National Dressage Team Coach and has trained with McLean in Germany. There, she discovered Equitation Science which provided her with the tools to allow her to assist others with their safety, handling practices and overcoming their fears.

Lisa has a long history in the Middle East despite originally being from Finland. She is passionate about sharing the knowledge she has gained through her Equitation Science studies. Her strengths lay in dressage and general behavioural problems, and Lisa will begin provides this training in the Middle East and Finland.

She is also a certified dressage judge in the Middle East and a certified trainer by the Finnish Equestrian Federation, this combined with her background in Equitation Science enables her to provide multidisciplinary training.