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Louise Wilmot, Perth WA

Louise Wilmot, Perth WA



Diploma of Equitation Science


As a rider, I have always been drawn to “imperfect” horses and horses who seem to be difficult or display conflict behaviours and have always been passionate about correct and clear training. About three years ago I started teaching at a wonderful riding school, but often felt like I needed to understand more about the training of horses and why they do the things they do, to better help them. That’s when I found ESI! It has changed my riding, teaching and training for the better. I thoroughly enjoy applying equitation science principles to riding and training and have seen the drastic improvements of training my own horse, and others from a foundation level onwards. The amount of conflict behaviours I have seen resolved, by clear training has been amazing to see! I look forward to continuing to work with all different types of horses and people, to educate them about correct training and the benefits for horses welfare.

I still teach and train at the riding school and love teaching riders of all ages and abilities, and particularly enjoy showing them the importance of caring for horses through clear training and riding.