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Nadia Molenaers, Belgium

Nadia Molenaers, Belgium

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Diploma of Equitation Science (ESI), Phd in Political Science, BA in Social Work


Nadia grew up with horses and started riding from a very young age. Due to a horse riding accident she stopped riding and focused on other areas of interest. After completing her Phd she turned to horses again. But now having to deal with the fear and the insecurities of an adult and the traumas that were caused by the accident. In short she had to re-learn everything, from being around horses, training them in-hand, and under saddle, but now as an adult. The last 20 years she has carefully re-constructed her training and riding skills with a strong emphasis on horse welfare.

In 2018 she started with “Reitenhof”, a small scale horse facility focusing on 2 main areas of training. The first one is improving rider posture and seat. The Racewood eventing simulator is used to efficiently work with riders to achieve more body awareness and control in order to increase balance, coordination of aids and soft hands. The simulator is also used for scientific research on rider posture and seat. The second one is to focus on the foundational (re-)training of horses and riders in order to establish cristal clear yet soft and friendly communication between rider and horse (in-hand and under-saddle).

Since Nadia is a scientist and a university professor, her way of approaching things is very analytical, her teaching skills are extraordinary and her lessons are build up in a very logical and comprehensive manner.