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Nancy Ellison-Murray, Coolup WA

Nancy Ellison-Murray, Coolup WA



Diploma of Equitation Science


Nancy Ellison-Murray is a horse trainer, a human trainer/coach and equine mobility therapist with a particular interest in equine movement and its association with behaviour & welfare states. She has been working in the equine industry with high performance riders/trainers in most competitive disciplines as well as working/pleasures horses, down to grassroots beginners for over 20 years.
Nancy’s strong areas of interest is in equipping riders, trainers & handlers with the skills they need to train & manage horses with evidence based, welfare focused methods – therefore setting the horses they work with up for success, ease, and improved welfare in whatever is expected of them. Nancy has her own business, Reset Equine – Sustainable Equitation & Mobility (EST. 2007), which focuses on the inseparable link between equine movement, equine mobility, the equine nervous system & behaviour. Nancy is based in Coolup within the Western Australian Peel Region, and offers rider/handler coaching in equine training & manual therapeutics/ rehabilitation from the Equine Mobility Clinic on her property, as well as off the property at client locations.
Nancy is also interested in the application of evidence based learning & neuroscientific methods to enhance and complement human mobility, movement & learning with her students.