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Naomi Mashford, Mt Crawford SA

Naomi Mashford, Mt Crawford SA

0407 806 448


Diploma of Equitation Science, Master of Business Administration (MBA) Adelaide University, Master Business Coach- Full Spectrum Business Development, Master Trainer- Australian Institute of Fitness


Naomi’s love of horses began as a vey young child, in her teenage years she was a member of the South Adelaide Riding Club (Tom Roberts was their chief instructor), the Dressage Club of South Australia (DCSA)  and the South Australian Dressage Association (SADA).

Naomi has shown (and judged) Arabian Horses and Australian Stud Saddle Ponies.

Naomi now has Warmbloods and a Welsh Mountain Pony (pictured)

Naomi has served on several dressage committees and boards, in addition to being a G level Dressage judge.

Naomi’s interest in ESI has its roots in the work that Tom Roberts (or Robbie as he was affectionately known) provided at Riding Club and the training days he conducted at DCSA.  Robbie presented his students with a different training perspective- he invited them to think about why the horse responded the way it had.

Andrew McLean and the ESI team have developed a comprehensive evidenced based training program, (based on how the horse learns) -that works.

In Naomi’s corporate life, she led and managed large-scale business operations. Training and coaching were key elements of her position.

Naomi is an Internationally accredited busines coach and Master Fitness Trainer.

Naomi owns and manages her 100-acre property at Mount Crawford (Southern Barossa Valley SA) and is available for clinics and lessons.