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Nicki Stuart, Kersbrook SA

Nicki Stuart, Kersbrook SA

ESI Nominated Coach



Diploma of Equitation Science, EA 1 (G)


After being introduced to Equitation Science in 2000, Nicki Stuart found how positively its theory and techniques enabled her training and assisted her clients to produce reliable, relaxed horses. She has found immense benefit in being able to assess training methods and equine behaviour through the filter of learning theory.

Nicki owns Kersbrook Equestrian Centre in South Australia where she is the principal trainer, specialising in rider development and horse behaviour. She gained her EA Coaching qualification in 1996 and has always been an active competitor; currently campaigning her gelding, Kersbrook Kosmic, at Medium level dressage.

In 2008, Nicki produced the McLean’s DVD training package in Equitation Science and she has facilitated their SA clinics for more than a decade. She is a full member of the International Society for Equitation Science.

Her holistic approach to training encompasses a keen interest in developing organised, effective, independent riders whose training is enhanced by evidence based techniques. Nicki is dedicated to improving horse welfare and fostering harmonious relationships between humans and horses.

Nicki is based in Perthshire, Scotland, for the northern hemisphere summer months and is available then for clinics or individual instruction.