3 Wonderland Avenue, Tuerong VIC 3915, Australia

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Nila Latimer, Central Coast, NSW

Nila Latimer, Central Coast, NSW

0404 057 203


Diploma of Equitation Science, BSc (Hons), Dip Ed, MAcc, CA


I have been involved with horses for 40 years starting one of the first adult riding clubs in Victoria. My passion is dressage and progress using traditional methods alluded me for many years. Meeting Dr Andrew McLean changed all that. Andrew’s training methods appealed greatly to my scientific background and now I have trained with Andrew for approximately 15 years. The evidence based application of learning theory to horse training and the logical and systematic methodology developed by Andrew and Manuela McLean is empowering and has enabled me to take several young unstarted horses to medium advanced level dressage.

I am currently competing medium and advanced dressage on horses I have trained exclusively using the ESI training methods.

Most of my professional life has involved teaching including at pony club, young and adult riders and teaching and training horses from foundation training to high level dressage.

I am based on the Central Coast NSW and am available for lessons.