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Pam Reid, Flaxley SA

Pam Reid, Flaxley SA

0433 211 028


Diploma of Equitation Science, MTeach(EC), BSc(Hons) Psychology


Studying Psychology along with the BHS stages in the UK were the beginnings of Pam’s journey to understand horse behaviour and ‘do better’ in training. Although seeing Dr Andrew McLean demonstrate the principles of Equitation Science in 2004, it wasn’t until her later years that her dream of learning all she could from Andrew materialised. The delight of education has remained a constant throughout Pam’s journey and she saw her path take her to becoming a teacher for 7 years.                                                       

Now, combining her passion for horses, love of training and experience of teaching, Pam is inspired to help horse owners build their confidence with their own training abilities. Working with re-training problems and starting young horses, Pam’s passion is to document common training issues and to use social media platforms to share the difference that evidence-based knowledge can make, not only to horses lives but to their owners.