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Sandy Doig, Adelaide Hills SA

Sandy Doig, Adelaide Hills SA

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Diploma of Equitation Science, PCA Level 1 Coach


I grew up in a completely non-horsey family.  However, always had the passion for horses, but didn’t really get into it until our daughter joined Pony Club.  It was a fantastic club with genuine horse owners and riders as parents.  I learnt much from them at that time as well as making all the mistakes under the sun!  It was a very steep learning curve.   Went on to become a ‘C’ instructor and examiner then subsequently chief instructor for 5 years.  Completed a 3 year Equine Studies course at TAFE during this time.  Also went on to become a Level 1 RDA coach.  During this time discovered competition and competed in ODE’s, dressage and show jumping.  Then followed over 7 years at the TAFE Vocational Jockey Course at Cheltenham as the riding instructor and lecturer.  It was during this period that I first met Andrew and Manu.  This would have been in the early 90’s.  After many years of listening to various teachers and ‘knowledgeable’ horse people, everything that Andrew said really made it all fall into place and make sense.  Not only that, I was able to take this new knowledge home and apply it to my own and other horses.  It was a revelation which set me onto a new lifelong path.  Always wanting to learn more and improve my knowledge, I then went on to complete the Diploma in Equitation Science. Also recently gained Pony Club Level 1 Coach certification.

Because ES highlights how training is guided by how horses learn, this understanding enables the trainer to more accurately recognise where a horse is at in his training and thus be able to focus/improve/adjust his behaviour accordingly.  Ultimately the horse’s welfare is benefitted by this knowledge.  Every horse is different and challenging in his own way, but it is seeing those improvements in behaviour, some amazing, some more modest, that keeps my passion alive.