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Sascha Yeomans, Albury Wodonga, NSW

Sascha Yeomans, Albury Wodonga, NSW



Ass. Dip ES


Sascha Yeomans has been passionate about horses since she was three years old and has been teaching horse riding for decades.

In 2008 she spent time learning about training birds of prey. This experience triggered a long journey of questioning everything she had been doing with horses. As her understanding of learning theory grew, so did her dissatisfaction with the techniques, systems and explanations given for behavioural responses amongst traditional as well as new-age trainers.  Sascha’s continued research inevitably led her to clicker training and she began to practice with many different species, achieving complex trained behaviours with fish, guinea pigs, dogs, chickens and cats.

Seeking a new way to apply her training skills to horses, Sascha began her own study in Equitation Science at AEBC.  Dr Andrew McLean had logical explanations for many puzzles and he opened her eyes to other scientific disciplines and advancements related to horse training.

Sascha has thoroughly enjoyed training in Equitation Science, taking it to the highest current level of achievement.  She continues to research and loves building on her understanding.  Sascha is thrilled to be part of this worldwide change as ES is inspiring trainers, riders, managers, vets and competitors to think and behave in new ways with the horses in their care.

Sascha currently lives near Albury/Wodonga with her three children and many animals. She loves working with children and teenagers as well as adults.