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Sharyn Collins, Barossa Valley SA

Sharyn Collins, Barossa Valley SA

0402 670 430


Diploma of Equitation Science 2021, Equine Veterinary Nursing NVQ Level III 2003, Veterinary Nursing NVQ Level III 2001, Advanced Diploma of Horse Husbandry & Management 1996


A lifelong passion for horses has led Sharyn on a journey around the world.  Growing up in a non-horse family, trial and error learning and determination has helped her to get her to where she is today.

After studying Horse Husbandry and Management in Australia, Sharyn travelled to the USA to teach riding at a Californian summer camp, before travelling to the UK where she spent a season as a groom for a family eventing team.

She then became a trainee veterinary nurse at one of the UK’s largest equine referral and companion animal hospitals in the south of the country.  She successfully completed qualifications in both companion animal and equine nursing, choosing to specialise in the equine veterinary field.

Since returning to Australia in 2006 she has continued to work in the equine veterinary field for the past 15 years, developing a passion for improving the safety of everyone in the industry from the horses right through to the vets.

It was through challenges with her own horse that led to the discovery of Equitation Science, and so began the enlightening path towards confidence and safety when riding and handling horses, that is proven through the evidence based knowledge of how horses learn.

Sharyn is dedicated to continuing her learning and passionate to make riding and handling the best and safest they can be for all.  She is also passionate about promoting and teaching safe techniques for handling horses to improve horse and personnel safety within the equine hospital environment.