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Tine Futtrup, Aarhus

Tine Futtrup, Aarhus

+45 3058 7092


Diploma of Equitation Science


Since I was a kid horses were my safeplace. When times were hard horse riding would fix the world, if only for those 40 minutes in the saddle. When I grew older I came to struggle with the traditional methods of horse riding.

I had purchased a KWPN mare, but after 5 months I could no longer ride her, she would buck and run ’til I would give up. The mare was sold, and it’s still a major regret that I might have been able to ride her today, had I known about Equitation Science.

But the challenges with that mare was the beginning of a life changing project. I was introduced to learning theory, and was immediately fascinated. All of a sudden I had the answers to solve my problems, I found the tools to help both riders and horses. Everything that seemed unachievable suddenly looked within reach. It didn’t only affect my riding but my whole way of thinking too.

I have a background as a physiotherapist for horses, which means I always have one eye on the learning aspect and the other on the horse’s movements. I also spent two years studying an Academy Profession Degree Programme in Agro Business that focused on horses.

In my work I focus on the communication between horse and rider, and use Equitation Science as my troubleshooting tool, to help riders achieve their goals in an ethical and welfare friendly way.