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Tracey Johnston, Cranbrook TAS

Tracey Johnston, Cranbrook TAS

0400 692 208


Diploma of Equitation Science


I grew up in a non-horsey family so my early experiences were with borrowed ponies, generous friends and taking every opportunity that came my way.  I was in high school before I was fortunate enough to own my own pony, my father then carted us around Tasmania in the back of a borrowed stock truck along with two of my friends, unloading on raised footpaths and mounds of dirt!

I have maintained a keen interest in horses since and am fortunate to live and work on a farm with a supportive family and loads of space.  I studied natural horsemanship before finding Manu through a family connection and have not looked back since.  Equitation Science provided me with the skills and information I needed to help my own horses and give clarity to many others just like me.

I have since extended my learning to dressage judging, mindset coaching with NLP and further study into horse and rider biomechanics – I believe the learning never stops! I produce horse equipment through my business soft hands equine, making custom equipment to support rider and horse safety as well as hosting farm stays where you can bring your horse to relax and use the purpose-built facilities or access some training while you are here.  I travel regularly along the east coast to Hobart and surrounds and offer horse training/coaching along with mindset training.