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Zoë Thorbergson, Vancouver Island

Zoë Thorbergson, Vancouver Island



Diploma of Equitation Science, MSc. Animal Science, Diploma of Equine Studies, Equine Science Certificate, Certified Horseman’s Association Instructor: English, Western and Trail


A lifelong passion for horses and ethical training solutions led Zoë to Dr. Mclean’s work in 2009.

Dr. Mclean’s research influenced the research paper ‘Physiological and Behavioral Responses of Horses to Wither Scratching and Patting the Neck When Under Saddle’ for Zoë’s master’s dissertation.

As an academic member of International Society for Equitation Science (ISES) she was one of the organizing committee members for the ISES conference held in Vancouver Canada.  She presented her master’s dissertation abstract at the conference and later the full paper was published in the peer reviewed Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science (JAAWS).

Zoë works with many different breeds of horses.  As a coach for English, Western and Trail, her priority is ensuring equine welfare and rider/handler safety no matter the discipline.

It is inspiring to see so many equestrians eager to understand and apply learning theory in their endevours.  My passion is educating equestrians how equines learn, how to train ethically to promote equine welfare, and rider/handler safely. Positive reinforcement through clicker training and/or scratching is incorporated in all sessions.  I enjoy working with all ages of horses and people.