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From Little Trainers, Great Trainers Grow (Part 1-4) – Manuela McLean

These articles were featured in Horses & People Magazine.

Teaching kids to train their ponies, and not just ‘ride them’, greatly boosts their confidence and learning. Kids as young as six easily learn and understand the basic principles of horse training, such as pressure-release, rewards, timing and one signal for one response.

In this exclusive series, Manuela McLean co-founder of Equitation Science International, explains some of the techniques developed by herself and Dr Andrew McLean to help children learn about training and, at the same time, teach them to re-train and correct some of the common problem behaviours that many ponies learn.


Part 1: 190506 Horses and People_Little trainers_M.McLean

Part 2: Horses and People July-August 2019_Kids Pt2_M.McLean

Part 3: Horses and People Sept-Oct 2019-Little Trainers Pt3-M.McLean

Part 4: Horses and People Nov-Dec 2019_Little Trainers_Pt4_M.McLean