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Claire Sandercock, Edmonton, Alberta

Claire Sandercock started riding when she was seven, and by age nine decided to be a trainer. Over 13 years, she has engaged in many disciplines, including dressage, jumping, western, … Read more

Zoë Thorbergson, Vancouver Island

A lifelong passion for horses and ethical training solutions led Zoë to Dr. Mclean’s work in 2009. Dr. Mclean’s research influenced the research paper ‘Physiological and Behavioral Responses of Horses … Read more

Kathy Jackson, Duncan BC

Kathy Jackson Bio: I obtained my full diploma in Equitation Science in 2016. I am so lucky to have taken part in 3 short courses taught by the McLeans in Canada. … Read more

Jane Stone, Vancouver Island

Jane has spent a lifetime in the equestrian world, riding, training and showing. Her early competitive focus was upper level Eventing including being long-listed to the Canadian Team and then … Read more