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Tania Horder, Gawler-Belt SA

My name is Tania, avid lover of all animals. Based in the northern area of Adelaide (Gawler-Belt) on our 80-acre property, I started my working life with horses from racing … Read more

Sharyn Collins, Barossa Valley SA

A lifelong passion for horses has led Sharyn on a journey around the world.  Growing up in a non-horse family, trial and error learning and determination has helped her to … Read more

Naomi Mashford, Mt Crawford SA

Naomi’s love of horses began as a vey young child, in her teenage years she was a member of the South Adelaide Riding Club (Tom Roberts was their chief instructor), … Read more

Pam Reid, Flaxley SA

Studying Psychology along with the BHS stages in the UK were the beginnings of Pam’s journey to understand horse behaviour and ‘do better’ in training. Although seeing Dr Andrew McLean … Read more

Sandy Doig, Adelaide Hills SA

I grew up in a completely non-horsey family.  However, always had the passion for horses, but didn’t really get into it until our daughter joined Pony Club.  It was a … Read more

Nicki Stuart, Kersbrook SA

After being introduced to Equitation Science in 2000, Nicki Stuart found how positively its theory and techniques enabled her training and assisted her clients to produce reliable, relaxed horses. She … Read more