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Lisa Vainio, Dubai UAE

Lisa Vainio’s lifelong connection to horses began with secretly attending riding classes when she was seven years old. After multiple falls resulting in family members being in the ER, Lisa … Read more

Sara Hiller, Skåne, Sweden

Sara has a great love for all animals and humans. Seeing animals being misunderstood or handled roughly is what has driven her to learn as much as she possibly can … Read more

Gemma Pearson, Scotland & England

Gemma is a vet based at the University of Edinburgh’s Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies. Having recently submitted her MScR thesis on horse-veterinarian interactions she has now started a … Read more

Julie Stapleton, NZ, UK, A

After training for British Horse Society qualifications in the UK, Julie was first introduced to equitation science at one of Andrew’s clinics in Dunedin, New Zealand, in 2005. She was … Read more

Sarah Blackburn, Christchurch

Sarah was first introduced to equitation science at one of Andrew’s clinics back in 2007. Since then she has visited the AEBC three times, spending a total of 6 months … Read more

Erika Oudshoorn, Canterbury

Erika Oudshoorn sought out the ES methods after purchasing a warmblood that had been trained with this method in New Zealand. With a science background she thoroughly enjoyed the detail … Read more

Tayla Johns, Rangiora

Tayla has ridden and competed horses her whole life and always had a practical and ethical viewpoint when training horses. When she was introduced to equitation science she applied to … Read more

Rebecca Kerr, Dunedin

Bec Kerr, trainer at Maungatua Equestrian, is based at new facilities near the Dunedin International Airport in New Zealand. Bec has been using ES methods to train and re-train horses … Read more